Brussel Sprouts

Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed. Plant in rows 18 - 24 inches apart, spacing seeds 6 inches apart, later thin to 12 - 18 inches apart. Plant 1/2" deep in good garden soil.

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NHB001 Catskill
2" round mid green sprouts, strong stalks, numerous heads, 90 days.
Package of 2,500 seeds. $12.95
NHB003 Diablo
F1, Long season, yellows resistant, uniformly maturing for easy harvesting, sweet, tender, 1" buds, compact plant, 110 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $28.95
NHB004 Falstaff
Novel purplish red sprout, retains color cooked, small head, mild nutty sweet flavor, 90 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $20.95
NHB006 Gustus
F1 Early, mid green, firm buttons, evenly spaced on stalk, uniform, high yield, great taste, replaces Oliver, 99 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $24.95
NPV031 Jade Cross
F1, firm, dark green, long stemmed, 75 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $8.95
NPV032 Long Island Improved
1-1/2" sprouts on 24" plant, 90 days.
Package of 1,000 seeds. $12.95

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