Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

Celery is a cool-weather crop, preferring temperatures between 58 F and 80 F to do best. It needs rich, well-drained soil with a pH between 5.8 and 6.7. Most important, celery must have uniform moisture. Be prepared to use a good mulch on your crop.

Sowing Use a good seed-germination soil mix . Germination occurs best when temperatures alternate between 60 F at night and 72 F during the day. Keep soil moist, and you'll see seedlings within three weeks. Thin to one plant per cell or container.

Once plants are three to four inches tall, they are ready for the garden. Do not harden off celery by reducing temperatures, however. Rather than toughen plants, this can induce seed-stalk development. Transplant into the garden one week prior to the average last frost date.

If you live in a mild-winter area, you can sow celery seed directly into the garden. Sow the seed thinly and cover with 1/8 inch of soil. After germination, thin seedlings until you have 8 to 10 inches between plants. Remember to mulch as soon as the plants are tall enough not be damaged.

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NHC015 Giant Red
Large, red stalk, much better flavor than green stalk types, yellow pink hearts great in salad or soup, 85 days.
Package of 2,500 seeds. $12.95
NPV075 Gold Self Blanching
Compact, yellow, 7" stalks, 82 days.
Package of 5,000 seeds. $12.95
NHC016 Redventure
Hybrid, brilliant red stalk, emerald green leaf, perfect in salads, 85 days.
Package of 2,500 seeds. $12.95
NHC017 Tango
Major advance, tender non-stringy, 18" green, early, high yield, 80 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $10.95
NPV076 Utah 52-70 Improved
Green, good heart development, high yield, 12", 105 days.
Package of 5,000 seeds. $12.95

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