Gourd Seeds from around the world

Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

Gourd seed can be started inside in peat pots 3-4 weeks before last frost or planted directly into the garden once the danger of frost is over. Space plants 3-4 ft. apart in rows 6-8 ft. apart. Provide fence or trellis for support for cleaner gourds. Requires rich, fertile soil for best production. Feed monthly with a water soluable fertilizer.

NHG001 Apple
Large apple shape, dark green patched with light green, dry to brown, 7 x 5", flat bottom, great for crafts, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG002 Birdhouse
12" X 10", stand them up when young to get flat bottom, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG003 Bottle
Bottle Small-medium bottle shape, 6 x 2", 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG004 Bushel
Large almost round, 12 x 18", 30-60 lbs, a great fall decoration to go along with pumpkins, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG005 Cavemans Club
(Maranka) Club shape, 16 x 6", wrinkled and knobby, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG006 Long Handle Dipper
Slender 30" long neck, curved neck, tan, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG007 Large Fruits Mix
Large mixed gourds perfect for fall ornamental use.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG008 Luffa
8" long, dark green, slightly ribbed, heat tolerant.
Package of 250 seeds. $15.95
NHG009 Martinhouse
Medium bottle shape, 10" x 15", crafters prefer for makeing birdhouses, 110 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG010 Small Fruits Mix
Wonderful range of sizes and shapes up to 8" long from Benary.
Package of 250 seeds. $14.95
NHG011 Snake
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG012 Winged Mix
Mix of medium size winged types .
Package of 100 seeds. $14.95
NHG014 Yugoslav Finger
Creamy white goofy shape summer type squash, edible, suitable for home garden, 90 days.
Package of 100 seeds. $16.95

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