Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

To start kohlrabi indoors, sow seeds about 1/2 inch deep and an inch apart in a container of seed-starting mix. Keep evenly moist and provide good light. Germination takes 10 to 14 days and seedlings thrive in 65- to 75-degree conditions.
When well established with at least one strong set of true leaves, thin seedlings to three or four inches apart or transplant them to deeper containers. Keep evenly watered and feed every 10 days with half-strength liquid fertilizer. As soon as outside temperatures reach 50 degrees, acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions for four or five days protected from direct sun, then plant in the garden about six to eight inches apart and water well.
Don't wait too long before transplanting your young seedlings—stressed or root-bound kohlrabi will not produce good tubers. In the garden, keep plants well weeded and evenly watered. Feed every three weeks or so with a balanced liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion solution.
Plant a second crop of kohlrabi once summer heat diminishes. You can start the seeds in a container outdoors in light shade, then plant seedlings in the garden, shading them until established.

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NPV126 Garth's Purple
Smooth skinned, very sweet, improved Vienna type, rot resistant, 55 days.
Package of 5,000 seeds. $11.95
NPV127 Garth's White
Smooth skinned, improved Vienna type, tender and tasty, rot resistant, 60 days.
Package of 5,000 seeds. $11.95
NPV128 Grand Duke
F1, early, 4" diameter, rot tolerant, 55 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $12.95
NPV129 Winner
F1, early, 4" diameter semi-globe, smooth green, heavy yield, rot tolerant, 54 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $12.95

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