Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

Sow mustard seed outdoors when soil can be worked. Plant in rows 18 seeds 1 inch apart in the row. Cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Keep soil moist until plants start to grow.
When mustard plants are 3 to 4 inches tall, thin to 4 to 8 inches apart.

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NPV157 Mizuna
Narrow green leaf, very tasty, 40 days 68-75
Package of 1,000 seeds. $7.95
NPV158 Osaka Purple
Mild, mid green leaf with red veins, compact, 40 days 68-75
Package of 1,000 seeds. $7.95
NPV160 Senposai
Large round green leaf, easy to grow year round, salad delight 68-75
Package of 250 seeds. $7.95
NPV162 Tatsoi
Green, thick rosette, mild, for salads or stir fried, unique, Organic, 45 days.
Package of 2,500 seeds. $7.95

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