Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

Soak seeds in warm water for twenty-four hours before planting and keep the soil temperature at 75F or above.
Soil should be fertile and high in potash with a pH of 6.0-6.8. Sow 1/4" deep in flats 7-8 weeks before transplanting. Germination may take up to two weeks.
Transplant in a sunny location after last frost. Space 1-2 feet apart in rows 2 feet apart.
Row covers or plastic mulch will encourage early pod set. Okra is a tropical plant therefore requiring warm weather conditions. Keep moist and and fertilize well.

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NPV165 Burgundy
Red Tender 7" burgundy pods, green leaf, burgundy stem, looks great, tastes great, good yield, 55 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $7.95
Package of 1,000 seeds. $24.95
NPV166 Cajun Delight
AAS, Dark green attractive 4" pods, tender, high yield, harvest till frost 68-78
Package of 100 seeds. $12.95
NPV167 Clemson Spineless
Dark green, straight, pointed, spineless pods reaching 6-9" (harvest at 3"), plant is 4' tall, vitamin rich, 55 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $10.95
Package of 1,000 seeds. $19.95
NPV168 Emerald
Early maturing for North, dark green, round, fleshy, tender, high yield, 56 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $7.95
Package of 1,000 seeds. $24.95
NHO001 Silver Queen
New - Unique ivory green 7" pods, vigorous 6' tall plant, tender as young plant, delicious, 80 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $9.95
NHO002 Star of David
Old fashioned Israeli heirloom, thick pod, pick at 3", cross section is 6 pointed star, purple tones on leaves, 66 days.
Package of 250 seeds. $10.95

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