Swiss Chard Seed

Note: Germination instructions are not on seed packets, follow the instructions below for starting seed.

Plant Swiss Chard seed outdoors as soon as ground can be worked. Plant in rows 18 inches apart, spacing seed 1 inch apart in row. Cover seed with 1/2 inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Keep soil moist until seeds start to grow. May be planted throughout the summer.
Thin Swiss Chard to 12 inches apart when plants are 2 inches tall. For ornamental use, select your own color sequence and transplant the color chard 4 to 8 inches apart each way.

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NPV243 Bright Lights
AAS, Flavorful, colored thin stems, many bright colors, dark green to bronze leaf, tender, 50 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $18.95
NPV244 Burgundy
Gourmet rhubarb type, burgundy stems, dark green leaf with red veins, tender, 60 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $10.95
NPV245 Fordhook Giant
Best green type, white veined, broad white stems, 50 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $8.95
NPV246 Lucullus
Attractive yellow-green crumpled leaf, long white stalk, great taste, 52 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $8.95
NPV247 Perpetual (Aka Perpetual Spinach)
Fine smooth mid-green spinach-like leaf, small stem, green stalk, multiple harvests even in heat, 55 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $14.95
NPV248 Rainbow
Ornamental mix of many colors, tasty, tender, 60 days.
Package of 500 seeds. $10.95

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