BOOK TA80: Growing and Processing Tobacco at Home
A Guide for Gardeners
By Jim Johnson
210 Pages, Paperback, Plastic Coil Binding
Black and White Photos and Line Drawings
ISBN #0-9722794-0-7

With prices and health concerns regarding commercial types of tobacco products skyrocketing, a new generation is discovering that growing and processing their own tax free tobacco, free of dangerous chemical additives, is a very simple and straightforward process!

Tobacco is a very easy plant to grow and requires only 65-70 frost free nights to mature once transplanted outside. It is grown in every state, even Alaska. It is legal to grow and process your own tobacco at home.

Anyone with a small garden plot can grow tobacco and processing the tobacco is a simple straightforward process that the average gardener will have no problem with. Even after buying papers, filters and flavoring, you can make your own cigarettes that are superior to any commercial brand for about $5.00 a carton!

The book Growing and Processing Tobacco at Home was written with the gardener in mind. It contains all of the information included in our earlier guides, The SBE Home Tobacco Kit and Tobacco: Easier Than you Thought by Alan Daly , plus over a 100 pages of new information.

It covers all aspects of raising and processing tobacco at home. It details how to plant the seeds, care for the plants, identify and cure tobacco pests and diseases, how to harvest the plants, how to air cure, complete instructions and drawings on building your own kiln, how to flavor your tobacco, how to make cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco and snuff along with loads of other useful information.
This is a one-of-a-kind book that anyone interested in growing their own tobacco should read.

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We suggest you download this file, read the book while the seeds are being shipped to you and be ready to hit the ground running when seeds arrive.

Probably no other plant is used as much for so little to be known about it as is the noble tobacco plant. While everyone is familiar with the smoking and chewing products derived from this plant, few people realize its many other uses. It has medicinal values, makes an extremely valuable ornamental plant and flower garden specimen and is used to make one of nature's finest biodegradable, all natural pesticides.

We offer the following selections of Nicotiana:

Chewing Tobacco Selections

We highly recommend the following selections for chewing tobacco. Each variety produces a dark, thin leafed tobacco with excellent flavor. Each has it's own unique flavor.

TA62 Yellow Orinoco

These seeds are descendants from the heirloom Virginia Orinoco plants grown back as far as the 1700's. Considered to be one of the sweetest varieties available, this is and excellent plug variety, and is often used in pipe mixtures as well.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA110 Greenwood Dark

Medium, smooth leaf, cures to a dark brown with fine chewing tobacco flavor. High yields.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA111 Little Crittenden

An old Kentucky heirloom for making old fashioned chewing tobacco. Good yield and cures well.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Tobacco selections for making cigarettes

TA14 Common Smoking Tobacco ( Tabacum Burley )

This is a standard Burley that is grown in several states. It produces a very good tobacco for cigarettes. Grows to 6 ft. with pink/red/white tinged flowers depending on soil makeup. One of the most widely grown cultivated tobaccos. Has limited disease resistance.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA16 Standard Burley Tobacco ( Tabacum burley var. compact )

A fine commercial strain that is used for its hardiness and smooth flavor. A must for cigarette making. This plant grows fast and is a high yield producer. I recommend leaving up to 14 leaves on this plant when pruning.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA64 Silkleaf

An old heirloom type that is not hardly found anymore, thanks to New Hope Tobacco for keeping this one available. A good producer of cigarette leaf, plants grow about 6 feet tall, and also does very well in tubs for growers with small amounts of space.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA202 Virginia Gold

A very light gold leaf when curing, it makes an excellent smoking tobacco. Grows to 5 ft. tall with a heavy yield.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA101 Golden Seal Special Burley

An up right variety with more leaves than most varieties. Is taller than most varieties on the market. Cures a golden color. Good cigarette selection, one of the heaviest producers.
  $18.95 per pack 40-50 seeds

TA103 Goose Creek Red

This is a one sucker burley variety that cures up a wonderful red color. A good smoking tobacco that works well for blending cigars and cigarettes.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA107 Brown Leaf

This variety originated in Kentucky. It has relatively large leaves of medium body that cures out a deep, rich brown color. A heirloom cigarette tobacco.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA30 Tennessee Burley #TN90

This is a standard Tennessee Burley that produces good yield, high quality tobacco that is favored for cigarettes. This plant has multiple disease resistance. A vigorous plant that is easy to grow.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Cigar Tobaccos ( wrappers, binders, fillers )

TA58 Connecticut Shade Leaf

We have obtained seeds from one of the oldest tobacco growers in the Connecticut Valley, which is a major source of some of the world's finest wrapper leaves. This golden colored wrapper tobacco is highly regarded and praised by many cigar makers and connoisseurs. Connecticut Shade originated from a strain of Cuban seed, is shade-grown under huge tents of gauze cloth ( or greenhouse shade netting ) to protect the delicate leaf. It is thin, deeply veined and used to wrap around famous brands cigars such as Macanudo, Davidoff, Montecristo, Ashton and Fonseca, among many others.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA66 Little Dutch

An old heirloom variety predating the 1880's rumored to have come from Germany. A somewhat squat plant like the Zimmerman Spanish, growing about 4 feet tall, it stands up in the garden well without staking, and also does very well in tubs for growers with small amounts of space, probably one of the best we have tried at growing in pots.
I consider this the best tobacco for cigar wrapper leaf, or at least tied with Small Stalk Black Mammoth. The long, narrow, thick leaves are perfect for wrapping, and color well as they age.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA61 Havana Long Red Leaf

This is a wonderful dark leafed tobacco for cigars, making a good filler, binder that imparts a deep, rich flavors to cigars. Leaves are dark, long and narrow, and offer a good high yield harvest.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA32 Havana #142

An excellent Havana tobacco that produces a quick harvest in about 65 days. This is a good tobacco for both chewing and cigars. This is an especially good tobacco for the North and is easily raised as far North as Wisconsin. A good filler and binder for cigars, good cigarette tobacco too.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA34 Havana #608

Said to be the best Havana for home use. Produces a quick crop in about 65 days, and is good for cigars or chewing. This plant gives a high yield and is also recommended for growing in the North. First time growers should definitely try this one!
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA28 Small Stalk Black Mammoth

This is a deep dark tobacco that gives good weight and supports itself very well. This is a tobacco prized by specialty growers because it provides a great wrapper tobacco or a premium snuff tobacco when ripe. A good tobacco for beginners learning to roll their own cigars or for first time snuff makers.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA24 Madole

A fine commercial variety that is fast growing and hardy. I recommend growing this one if you smoke cigars.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Tobacco selections for making pipe tobacco.

TA116 Tennessee Red Leaf

A fast growing, high yielding tobacco with large leaves that cure to a red color, excellent cigarette and pipe blend.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA05 Orinoco

A tall tobacco with thick textured, crinkly leaves that produces a rich brown pipe tobacco that is a favorite of pipe smokers worldwide. Also makes a good blending tobacco for cigars and cigarettes.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Ornamental varieties that can be grown as flower garden plant or used as filler/bending for cigars and cigarettes.

TA204 Midewivan Sacred

A native form of N. rustica that is used by Native American Indians in ceremonies and for smoking purposes. A rather strong tobacco compared to commercial types. A fast grower and decorative plant.

  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Oriental Varieties

TA55 Black Sea Samsun Turkish

This Turkish tobacco is among the best money can buy. Originating in the Samsun region of Turkey, along the Black Sea, this tobacco is renowned for its unique rich flavor. This plant has smaller leaves than other strains, but a very distinctive aroma. An excellent Turkish blend or unique by itself.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

Tobaccos with high nicotine content for making pesticides and tobacco dust.

TA04 Mountain Tobacco ( Nicotinia var. )

A graceful and ornamental species, small plants grow only 2-3 tall with yellow or green flowers. Has a very high nicotine content. A very popular tobacco with the Navajo Indians. It is an all purpose plant. I recommend using it as an ornamental, filler and pesticide base and for making tobacco dust for the garden
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds

TA10 Indian Tobacco ( Rustica )

A half hardy annual that grows to about 3 ft. and is cultivated worldwide for smoking and nicotine production. Has many green to yellow flowers that remain open during the day. It is so potent that it has been used as an arrow poison in Mexico. Can be raised as far north as Maine.
  $18.95 per pack 1,000 seeds


Raising tobacco is very easy. The seeds you received should be started inside in flats. In northern states, start the seeds 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Tobacco can be ready to harvest for curing about 60 days after transplanting, therefore it can be raised in almost any state. If raising more than one variety of tobacco, use separate flats. A mixture of peat humus and potting soil should be used. Potting soil only can be used if you select a high grade of commercial potting soil. Place the mixture into the flats, soak the soil with water and allow the excess water to drain off. The next day, sprinkle the tobacco seeds onto the surface of the damp soil. Do not cover the seeds as they need light for germination. Tobacco seeds are very tiny, so be careful to spread the seeds evenly. Keep the soil damp being careful not to wash the seeds around when you water. You will begin to notice sprouts in about two weeks. Transplant outside after all danger of frost is past.

If you have a moderate growing season and can start the seeds outside, try to sow the seeds where leaves or wood has been burned. The plants will thrive in these spots. Tobacco requires a lot of nitrogen and potash which is supplied by wood ashes. The ashes from charcoal grills are also beneficial. I recommend applying a good brand of garden fertilizer to the area where the plants will be grown. Working in rotted manure is very good for the plants. Never raise tobacco plants in the same spot in the garden for over a few years at a time as tobacco plants will totally deplete the nutrients in the soil.

You should space the tobacco plants about 2 ft. apart in rows 3 ft. apart when practical. The plants are large enough to transplant when the largest leaves are 2" or larger. Always transplant outside in late evening or when it is cloudy and overcast. Water plants thoroughly after transplanting and water daily each day until plants have become established. When growing in tubs, limit the number of plants grown. Tobacco plants need to be exposed to full sun while growing.

Tobacco roots grow quickly and often close to the surface. Be careful around plants when hoeing or cultivating around them. Try not to disturb the soil anymore than necessary. As the plant begins growing, remove all suckers as they will sap the plants growth.

Tobacco plants suffer from several diseases and are attacked by several leaf chewers. I recommend using sevin dust to control insects. Be cautious not to use any form of systemic insecticide that will penetrate the leaf. Remember, you may be chewing or smoking this plant and you do not want to be ingesting chemical residues. For a truly natural pesticide, make your own tobacco dust from one of the varieties that are high in nicotine and make your own solution by mixing one teaspoon tobacco dust, one teaspoon of black pepper and 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap to one gallon of water.

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